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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Lord, My God. A religious poem written by me. + what else is to come

Hey everyone. I hope you all enjoyed the novel. I bet some of you are wondering what's next for jwwriting blog? Or maybe not but the fact is that I have many many more writings left to show the world. Don't worry. Its not just poetry. I'll mix it up with some short stories maybe a little preview of my next novel.... you'll just have to keep on reading to see!

FYI- I wrote this poem when I was going through a very hard time personally, and it helped me. Now that I'm going through an even harder time with trying to provide for my family and keep a roof over there head, I've realized that life is more complicated than I had previously thought. This poem helps me simplify life in a way if that makes any sense...

My Lord, My God forgive my sinner's heart
For each sin I've commited caused You pain
Each of my sins has torn my soul apart
And now my heart sings praises to Thy name
I kneel here at Your throne to wash Your feet
Hoping that my repentance You will see
I come that I may carry You in Your seat
But ironically it's You who carries me
I'm not worthy to look upon Your face
For the covenants I made I did not keep
Yet still in Heaven's courts You hear my case
I fall down at Your feet and start to weep
I'm not pure enough to touch Your garment's hem
But still You pick me up like I'm a king
You took upon Yourself my countless sins
So that I may hear when Heaven's bells do ring
You took up all my sins upon the cross
So that I may live in Heaven once again
You went to search when my proud soul was lost
Misguided by the lying tongues of men
You still had faith in me when I had none
You were there for me when I had no one else
You put hope inside my heart when hope was gone
You are the only one who knows the pain I've felt
Every sorrow that I've felt You've felt it too
All the pain I've felt cost You one drop of blood
And yet You still forgive the pain I've put You through
I fall down at Your feet My Lord, My God

                         By Joe Wright