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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Thought & A Word. A new poem by me

A word is only worth the thought that's put behind it
And the truth behind the thought is there, its just so hard to find it
Honesty is now so rare it's become a precious jewel
And thoughtfulness itself is deemed a sentiment of fools
Even a word from a close friend must now be put in question
The question being the truth behind the thought
It has become impossible to make a good impression
It seems these days that honesty must be bought
With every word that's said in question
And the thought behind each word unsure
Its no wonder the world is plagued by mistrust and depression
How can we know without a doubt that anyone's thoughts are pure

Now back to what gives a word its worth
And what it costs to give it thought
Many have searched the entire earth
Sincerity being that which was sought
But the truth is that if given thought
The word itself would prove sincere
Proof cannot be discovered or caught
When thought is placed behind a word, its worth will soon be clear

So don't just think about the words that you say
There is no worth in your words when spoken this way
But if you put honest thought into every word
Then the worth of each word said will be felt, which is worth much more than just being heard

                      By: Joe Wright