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Monday, September 5, 2011

I apologize + a couple of poems

   I apologize for not having posted anything for quite some time. My access to the internet has been limited as of late. That combined with several issues that have arisen in my personal life, has caused that time is also very much in short supply. Nevertheless here are a couple of more poems written by me.

                                              Near   By J.P. Wright

 Time continues on its way
 Though you're not here to pass it with
 Life keeps going day by day
 In spite of that which I most wish
 And as each day, hour, minute and second
moves on without you here
 The further and further away you seem
until I no longer feel you near.

Dedicated to David G. Wright. I miss you Pops.

                          Corazon Desesperado  By J.P. Wright    

Corazon a corazon, mi alma a tu alma
Solo oyendo a tu voz el estres en mi mente se calma
Una vida sin ti sera igual que vivir en el infierno
Una cama sin tu cuerpo es mas frio que el invierno
Un dia sin ver a tu cara es peor que vivir sin ojos
El dia que me pasa sin besarte es el dia que me vuelvo loco
Me duele mas cuando te veo llorar que quemarmee con fuego
Intiende mi alma, el amor que tenemos, para mi es mas que un juego
Oyeme corazon, como vivo sin ti, si tu amor es lo que me da vida
No tengo miedo de un corazon quebrado, pero si tu me lo quebras
mi corazon no sobreviviria.

 To my gorgeous and incredible wife, who also happens to have very very little patience when it comes to waiting for me to to do things. I love you baby. And I always will