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Saturday, March 31, 2012

   Hey everyone. Here is an article of mine from Border Echo Magazine. This was actually a pretty cool event. I've lived in Santa Cruz County my whole life, but this was my first time going. I enjoyed it

  By: Joseph Wright
    The sweet aroma of unique foods and rows of limitless talent filled the streets of the Tubac Village for five days during the 53rd Annual Tubac Art Festival. The Festival, sponsored by the Tubac Chamber of Commerce, began on Wednesday February 8th 2012 and lasted until Sunday the 12th. Artisans and patrons from all over the country came to experience what the Art Festival had to offer this year.
Among the artisans were painters, jewelers, weavers, carpenters, and even candle makers. Some of the booths even offered a variety of unique foods for visitors to try out, and take home if they liked it, such as jars of Humus, non-traditional salsas and jellies, and large bags of kettle corn.
No vehicles were allowed in the Village for the event so that patrons would be able to stroll from booth to booth without having to worry about moving out of the way for any cars. But for those choosing not to browse on foot, golf carts and bike taxis were available to take escort guests through the Village.
Because no one was allowed to drive inside the Village during the Festival, parking to get in was an adventure all on it’s own. Once visitors exited the freeway on Exit 12, they would see rows of signs directing them towards the Festival and available parking. From the Plaza de Anza, all the way down to Bridge road was shut down and set aside for Festival parking. At every cross street either a Highway Patrolman or Santa Cruz County Deputy was posted keeping traffic running smoothly and directing cars to the nearest available parking lots, which almost all were full.
In La Entrada, a newer section of the Tubac Village, a number of Galleries went all out this year for the Art Festival. Some even providing wine and food for the visitors to enjoy while browsing through the shops. Calming live music provided by Becky Reyes of Bisbee, also added to the mellow ambiance of the event.
The Festival also created a great opportunity for other businesses and organizations to set up booths. Groups like the Tubac Chamber of Commerce who sponsors the event every year, and the Santa Cruz County Humane Society were there among others to distribute information and bring some attention to their causes. Even several local shops set up booths outside to bring in extra business. Although the Art Festival focuses on the artisans, business and organizations that set up along the streets, the massive amounts of crowds bring an overwhelming amounts of customers to the restaurants and shops that are part of the village all years round.
The Tubac Art Festival will take place around the same time next year. Be sure to attend in order to experience all the art, history, and delectable treats that are available at every stop. For more information about the Art Festival and other Tubac events, go to the Tubac Chamber of Commerce’s website at