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Monday, October 20, 2014

Halloween Special and Presidential Campaign

First off, my book Unlucky 7:Seven Bone Chilling Tales Of Terror is now on sale for only .99¢ on Amazon kindle!! Usually priced at $2.99 USD  you can get your copy today and save $2!!! Take advantage of this Halloween Special now. It'll only last for two more days!!!

Second, as a writer, photography, and musician I like to consider myself an entertainer. Adding to all of that I've just begun a satire on the U.S. Presidential Race and am running my own mock campaign as well for the GreenLibertaRepubliCrat Party!! Below you'll find a couple of the campaign posters and the official logo of the GreenLibertaRepubliCrat Party. So far it's starting with a Facebook page(Joseph Paul Wright 4 Prez) but a website and weekly YouTube broadcast are also on the way. It's completely non partisan and I intend to make fun of all political parties. I'll keep you updated on what I have going on. Give me your feedback and help me build up an audience along the way. Thanks!! Until next time!!